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09-04-2012, 10:19 AM
Alright guys- sorry to post multiple times in multiple threads, but I have to tell you the ONLY thing that worked for me... Step by step. Because my problem did not have a normal solution... I had to use a FREE VPN service. It seems that I cannot patch without going through a free VPN that puts my IP address to somewhere in Idaho... haha I am in Hawaii.

Check this out.

Step 1:
Google Hotspotshield

Step 2:
Install the free VPN

Step 3:
Run the VPN software and connect. Once connected you are routing traffic through the VPN. You can verify by checking your external IP by Googleing "What's my IP"

Step 4:
Lauch the BLR launcher. It should start updating and patching.

Step 5:
Once the patch is complete, turn off the VPN connection. Once disconnected, you should be on your normal internet. You can verify by checking your external IP by Googleing "What's my IP" - it should be different than your VPN IP address.

Step 6:
Press the PLAY button.

Just FYI- after you patch, you will STILL be unable to run the BLR launcher without first launching the VPN service. Just make sure you shut it off after the launcher is launched or you will be playing the game through the VPN! This will lag you really bad in game... Ohh, and for those who think I can just launch BLR from the BLR.exe after a patch, it will not work for me without first launching the launcher and pressing play...

It took me weeks to get this working. I hope I help a few people out!!!