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Tech Support Machine
Join Date: Jul 2008
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Hello Wonderful Players!

This tech support forum was the project of Darthpanda and PWE's super engineers. We wanted a central location for each of you to be able to lookup, and help others with technical issues for all of PWE/Cryptic's games.

Many of the issues are similar, as PC gaming often is. Some are quite different, and that is why we are here. It is easier for all of use to help with Tech Support issues in one location instead of trying to keep up with 10+ forums.

We think this will be a stronger, more focused forum to help you all with getting into the game, and helping point you int he right direction for information you might need.

Nothing flashy, no ads, no distractions. Clean and simple, so you can get back to your game and hop back onto the forum for your game.

This forum is for helping with technical issues. Not bugs, gameplay, quests, complaints, etc. The specific game forum for your game are for those issues. This forum is here to help you with technical issues.

Please carefully read the sub forums and forums, read the rules, and enjoy the forum!

I encourage you to check out the off topic part if you want to discuss comics, movies, etc. But remember, keep the discussions and content to "Rated G" or "Rated PG-13" at the max.

We have a wide audience, and we want to keep things clean, friendly, funny, and enjoyable. We will ban you for breaking the rules, and the PWE Terms of Service does apply.
Tech Support Machine
Join Date: Jul 2008
Posts: 2,358
# 2 Greetings from Darthpanda
05-31-2012, 10:19 AM
Hi All!

I am Darthpanda16. Once upon a time I was just a panda, trying to enjoy my bamboo cake on the planet Dessertia. It was wonderful. Wonka's chocolate factory had nothing on this 2x Earth Mass consumption goodness rock.

But then they enslaved us. Made us play TV-shopping-channel themed cookie cutter social games. Took our cake, pie, cupcakes, smores, everything. We withered away from the fat, rotund selves we once were.

Then, the Siths came. They are known for their supposedly dastardly deeds elsewhere in the galaxy.
They attacked Dessertia, took out the previous invaders, and helped get the sweet treats back into production. But it was too late for me...

In my attempt to hold onto various baked goodies for obvious and immediate consumption, I had my limbs ripped off and various wounds inflicted upon my pandaness. I was near death, and her feet really stank.

The Sith had been combing the desert for resources when they found me. Impressed with my determination to engorge myself with sweet, baked goodness no matter the cost, knew my cravings were a part of the dork side and took me in. Rebuilt me, made me faster, better, stronger, hungrier than before.

Mostly machine now and part Perfect World Panda, I now seek out new users, to try and help them with their machine plights, while seeking out new recipes for delicious desserts. Then I found Perfect World...

From QA to Tech Support, I have been with Perfect World since 2008.

As we went from 1 game, to 3, to... we are somewhere past 10 games now, I have been here to personally help over 20,000 players, and millions more through posts, tickets, support articles, and more!

I enjoy helping people, and working here at PWE.

I hope this forum that we have put together for you helps you a little bit, and we appreciate all of the help you may give others.

Thank you all for making each game have their own great community, and lets work to make this a helpful little community for all of our games!

May your game day be full of sweet loot drops and plundering!

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